Dispute over selection of 4X400 m womans relay team for Jakarta Asian Games

R&AW,cbi, ntro are defaming the domain investor of being unpatriotic for exposing corruption and nepotism, however it is a fact of living in India.The latest example of the widespread nepotism and corruption in every sector of life in India is the dispute over the selection of the 4 X 400 meter womans relay team for the Asian Games which are to be held in Jakarta later in 2018.
India has traditionally a strong team in the 4 X 400 meter relay and has often won a medal. Usually the athletes who are ranked in the top 6 at the national 400 meters race are considered for the asian games, with two runners competing in the 400 meter race, and the top 4 considered for the relay race. Two other athletes ranked fifth and sixth are kept as reserve.

However in a clear example of the lack of transparency of the Athletics federation of India (AFI) which is like ntro (involved in prostitution, bribery racket, banking, financial fraud since 2010), two athletes Prachi Choudhary, Chhavi Sharawat who were third and fourth in the 56th national senior athletics championship at Guwahati, have not been included in the Indian squad for the 2018 Jakarta Games.
The athletes have appealed against the decision in the Supreme court, regular updates will be posted

An open question to ntro, when the athletes are allowed to protest against injustice, why is the domain investor expected to tolerate the ntro financial fraud on her