I will never forget the time that my dad and my boyfriend met each other. I started to go out with my boyfriend around October and it was a great time. We went to ice hockey games of the local minor league team and we also went to different events like local car racing. I always wanted to be with him, even when he said that he wanted me to go to a Formula One race with him. I knew that we were going to have a good time but I really did not want to go with him. I asked my dad if he would go to the race with him even though he had never met him before. My boyfriend did not seem to mind since he wanted to meet my dad anyways. I wanted people to get along with my boyfriend because I knew that he was going to be the one that I was going to marry later on down the road and we had already talked about it.

Even when he was getting ready to go on the trip he kept on asking me what my dad liked and did not like, so he would make sure that they ate at a place that they would both like on the ride to the race track. My dad is not a really picky person and my husband is not as well, and I knew that it was going to be a really easy weekend for the both of them. I did not have a doubt that they were going to have a good time together. When they both got home they said that they had fun with one another and I knew that they were friends for the rest of the time we were able to see one another.