In India, like in other countries, high profile people are not expect to talk about the discrimination faced
The Black power salute by the 200 m mens sprint medal winners at the 1968 Mexico olympics exposes the fact that few countries tolerate dissent, they want people to keep quiet
The gold and bronze medal winners Tommie Smith and John Carlos, raised their arms in the black power salute in the 1968 Mexico city olympics to protest against racism in the country. They were removed from the US track and field team for protesting.
The domain investor is sometimes told that she should not wash the dirty linen in public, she should get the matter resolved internally. However the fact remains that almost no one in the government believes her, though she is telling the truth, because the ntro employees led by mhow cheater puneet,. j srinivasan, parmar and others have ruined her reputation, with their fake cases, fake help fraud, circulating videos, photos wasting indian taxpayer money in the process

Till the indian and state government realize that the engineer cannot be held responsible for the fake cases, fake help fraud and they have no right to circulate photos, videos of a private citizen, the government will not treat the domain investor fairly. The indian and state government are either extremely incompetent or extremely corrupt that they blindly believe in the complete LIES of ntro employees who are making up FAKE CASES only so that they can defame, cheat and exploit a harmless hardworking private citizen.