The Semenya Caster, South African runner and Olympics 800 meter runner complained that her body is misused by IAAF, they used it for testing like a a human guinea pig experiment without her permission so that she could continue to run.
This is a problem faced in all sectors, especially by women who are not good looking and feminine enough.

The domain investor, is also subjected to non consensual human experimentation by the indian intelligence and security agencies,without a court order or legally valid reason. Initially the cruel fraud mhow cheater ntro employee puneet FAKED his relationship with the domain investor who he hated, so that the non consensual experimentation could be started without any legal formalities at all in 2010.
In 2017, after stealing everything from the domain investor, mhow cheater puneet openly declared that he hated the domain investor, yet the indian intelligence and security agencies continue to use the body of the domain investor for NON-CONSENSUAL HUMAN EXPERIMENTATION without a court order or legally valid reason just like the nazi atrocities on the jews