While playing basketball, more force is applied to the shoes, due to which they are specially designed
The indian government allegedly BRIBED by google, tata, is openly involved in FINANCIAL,ONLINE, EDUCATIONAL FRAUD on single women domain investors from poorer communities, criminally defaming them, and then falsely claiming that the domains belong to the google, tata sponsored raw/cbi employees who do not spending any money on domains at all.
The real domain investor is also not allowed to sell the domains at a fair price, indicating the lack of honesty, humanity of wealthy communities like the gujju, sindhi, shivalli brahmin, goan, indian tech and internet sector which falsely claim that frauds own the domains.
So the domain investor is forced to write articles for clients outside india, to pay for domain renewals, since the corrupt indian internet sector does not allow her to get any paid work in India,
The domain investor had written a large number of basketball shoe articles for her client in singapore and had done research on the shoes. So she can provide new articles on the basketball
Due to endless frauds of the shameless greedy sindhi, gujju, goan, shivalli brahmin community which is getting government salary for faking domain ownership without paying any money for domains, the domain investor is wasting all her time for writing articles, and does not have time to update the blog regularly since the fraud raw/cbi employees do no computer work at all, yet get salaries, in a clear case of labor law violations far worse than the wistron iphone factory